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Underfloor heating

Save space and save money with underfloor heating

When the cold weather descends upon us walking into an already warm home is a lovely treat. Nowadays most modern heating systems can be operated from your mobile phone to switch on the radiators, however underfloor heating is space, cost and energy efficient solution.

Underfloor heating requires comparatively less hot water which makes it a great option if you already have high efficiency boilers and heat pumps at home. You don’t need bulky radiators freeing up valuable home space for other uses.

How does underfloor heating work?

Underfloor heating can be either a system that pumps warm water through piping under the floor (a ‘wet’ system) or electric coils placed under the floor (a ‘dry’ system). Underfloor heating takes advantage of the basic principle that heat rises and warmth from under the floor is radiated into the room.

What type of flooring can I install with underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is commonly installed with stone, ceramic or terracotta tile floors, but can also be installed with wood, linoleum or carpet.

When installing with wood, you will need to keep in mind that wood will natural expand and contract with changes in heat and moisture more than stone or ceramic tiles will. This is commonly addressed by floating wood boards on a layer of polythene foam that allows subtle movement. Depending on the type of wood floor, it can also be a less effective heat conductor. That said, timber floors are more responsive, so can be more ideal where there are more sporadic heating needs.

Carpet insulates, which is good for stopping heat loss from the floor, but bad for letting heat from underfloor heating in. But underfloor heating can work effectively with carpet. You need to know the combined tog value of the carpet and underlay, which should be a maximum of 2.5 and ideally lower.

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